Your daily news recap: Spouse sees TV attack, Biden polls well, plague kills again

Husband was watching on-air attack, too

Thousands of people were watching WDBJ's live broadcast from a shopping center at a popular Virginia lake when a man shot three people. One of the viewers was the husband of the woman being interviewed.
Tim Gardner told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Thursday that he was stunned but his wife -- a Smith Mountain Lake chamber of commerce exec -- called him from an ambulance and told him she was lucky to be alive.
    Vicki Gardner indeed is lucky. The bullet grazed her spine, her husband said, relating a Wednesday conversation with medics. Gardner, the only survivor, does have a lot of rehab ahead of her, her husband said.

    Encouraging numbers for Joe Biden

    Joe Biden isn't a presidential candidate, at least not yet, but if he takes a look a recent poll it could knock him off that fence he's been on.
    The vice president fares better against top GOP candidates in hypothetical general election match-ups than Hillary Clinton, according to a national survey by Quinnipiac University.
    Biden tops GOP favorite Donald Trump by eight percentage points, compared to Clinton, whose margin is four percentage points better.
    Trump still has reason to trumpet the results of the poll -- he is well ahead of the next Republican when voters were asked for whom they would vote. The news wasn't so good for one of Trump's chief rivals.

    Utah resident dies from plague

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    More worrisome news related to the plague, which took a fourth life recently.
    Health officials in Utah didn't divulge much information about the person who died, but we do know the victim was elderly and didn't travel to where plague is common.
    An investigation into how, where and when the person was infected with the flea-borne infection is ongoing. Plague can be treated, but you have to catch it early.