Usain Bolt collides with a Segway-riding cameraman

Usain Bolt reacts after a cameraman on a Segway crashes into him in Beijing on Wednesday.

Story highlights

  • While filming Usain Bolt, a cameraman lost control of his Segway
  • He crashed into Bolt, and both came tumbling down

(CNN)Even the fastest man on Earth has got to watch where he's going.

Usain Bolt snatched the 200 meters title from his arch rival, Justin Gatlin, at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing in his usual, effortless style.
    As he started on a customary lap of honor, his eyes were fixed on the cheering, adoring crowd. A moment he was clearly reveling in.
    That was until a cameraman, inches away from the athlete with his lens focused on him, loses control of his Segway, crashes into Bolt, and the two come tumbling down to the ground. The cameraman even gets hit by his equipment as he lands.
    Somersaulting and returning to his feet, Bolt recovers. While the culprit reaches out to him apologetically.
    He got one thing right though. Maybe that's the only way to stop the legendary athlete in his tracks.