Should media show on-air killings?

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Media have struggled with whether to show on-air Virginia killings, or how much to show

CNN Opinion asked commentators to weigh in on the issue

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After two journalists in Virginia were shot dead on air Wednesday, news organizations and other media faced a decision: With dramatic video of a crime available –some of it shot by the killer himself – were they obliged to put it on air and publish it? Some did, in a limited way, others refused altogether and still others splashed images of the shooting on the front page. CNN Opinion invited commentators to weigh in: Should news organizations and other media outlets show images of an on-air killing?

Mel Robbins: We must bear witness

Yes the media should report and show the on-air killings, with a warning so viewers can change the channel if they wish.

The reason for airing it is simple: It is the truth. It is horrible, but it happened. The media should not shield you from it; its job is to report it. It’s your job to choose whether to bear witness or change the channel.

Mel Robbins