#MyAsianAmericanStory takes off in response to Jeb Bush comment

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Story highlights

  • A high school student gets credit for starting hashtag
  • Twitter users shared their experiences

(CNN)A new hashtag has taken off after Jeb Bush attempted to explain his use of "anchor babies" by saying the term many consider offensive was "frankly, more related to Asian people."

#MyAsianAmericanStory began trending on Twitter as users shared stories of their experiences and lives. According to the Los Angeles Times, 15-year-old Redondo Union High School student Jason Fong started the hashtag conversation after he posted a series of tweets Monday night.
The chatter then took off from there.
    Twitter users shared thoughts, from "When your own family shames you for 'not being Asian enough' but you also get shamed for 'not being white enough' " to "but you're not like ASIAN Asian."
    While he didn't use the hashtag, Donald Trump on Tuesday mocked Bush on Twitter for his remark.