Police say this creepy figure could be just a prank.

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Nobody knows who the figure is or even where for sure the pictures were taken

Gastonia, North Carolina, police tell a newspaper that it could be a hoax

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Used to be, back in the day, a fella would show up on your door all dressed in white and bring you fresh milk. These days? We get the creepy, cloaked raw-meat delivery … thing.

Social media was buzzing this week over a photo out of Gastonia, North Carolina, purporting to show someone dressed in a black robe standing at the edge of a forest.

The Gaston Gazette reported that residents believe the photo was taken at an apartment complex. Some of them, the newspaper said, blamed the mysterious figure for dumping raw meat near a playground at the complex.

A witch? Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars? A Halloween costume store worker field-testing the gear before the big rush in a few months? Nobody seems to know, and the Internet does not seem to care, the photo being simply too creepy to ignore.

“A cloaked figure in North Carolina was photographed leaving raw meat near a playground. So sleep isn’t happening now,” one Twitter user posted.

Police don’t seem quite so concerned, the newspaper reported.

“It could have come from anywhere. We don’t know if this is some bogus prank somebody is playing,” the newspaper quoted Gastonia police spokeswoman Donna Lahser as saying.

Whatever it is, the cloaked figure will probably have to step it up a notch to compare with the winner of last year’s Creep Out the Whole World contest, won by anonymous figures in England and California who’d show up in creepy clown gear and just stand around.

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