Does Elizabeth Warren regret not running for president?


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Hillary Clinton's flagging poll numbers raise the specter of whether Elizabeth Warren might still enter the 2016 contest.

All the energy in the Democratic Party is on the left, and Warren has exerted an ideological pull that is helping to shape the race

Washington CNN —  

So much for Elizabeth Warren taking a pass on 2016.

The scourge of Wall Street might have disappointed her legions of “Run Warren Run” supporters by ruling out her own bid for the White House earlier this year.

But the Massachusetts senator is in the thick of the Democratic race anyway. Warren offered a fresh glimpse of her political star power and talismanic value for Democrats when she held a furtive meeting with Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday – which briefly knocked even Donald Trump out of the headlines.

The encounter, first reported by CNN, intensified speculation that Biden, perhaps encouraged by front-runner Hillary Clinton’s ebbing poll numbers, is moving closer to a White House run and is keen to connect with Warren’s fervent supporters.