A parade of pain at James Holmes sentencing

James Holmes appears in court for the sentencing phase of his trial on Monday.

(CNN)One by one, the wounded and the grieving are telling a Colorado judge how the Aurora movie theater gunman stripped the normal from their lives. Some are sobbing, some are angry. All are shattered by loss.

It is a parade of pain that will not change the sentence for the 27-year-old shooter. James Eagan Holmes will spend the rest of his life behind bars.
But the inevitable outcome didn't stop the grieving grandfather of the gunman's youngest victim from making a suggestion:
"I would challenge the murderer to do the right thing for once in this trial and petition the court for execution by firing squad," said Robert Sullivan.
    He was the doting grandfather of 6-year-old Veronica Moser-Sullivan, who had innocent, shining brown eyes. Her pregnant mother, Ashley Moser, was shot and paralyzed.
    Moser said she was looking forward to being a mother of two, but now she's nobody's mommy. She needs constant nursing care. She said she wished Holmes could be sentenced to life as a quadriplegic, just as she and two other shooting victims are.
    The courtroom now belongs to the people Holmes hurt. They are struggling to put incomprehensible loss and suffering into words. They speak about lives cut short as they were starting; about weddings, graduations and holidays that won't be celebrated; about grandchildren they'll never hold in their arms.
    More than 40 people gave victim impact statements on Monday, and at least 40 more are expected on Tuesday.
    His victims say they view Holmes as the personification of evil. Some can't bring themselves to speak his name.
    Holmes, a failed graduate student who has since been diagnosed as schizophrenic, spent months planning the shootings. He tossed tear gas into the theater and opened fire with a shotgun, a rifle and a handgun during the first minutes of the midnight showing of a Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises." He fatally shot 12 people and wounded 70 before his gun jammed.