Meet the Montoya family

Published 6:11 AM ET, Mon August 24, 2015
Eladio and JudithEladio and Judith
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Eladio and Judith Montoya have a message for Donald Trump, "We are making America great." The couple, whose parents came to the United States Illegally in the 1980s, opened Los Mangos, an ice cream and fruit shop with seven locations in the Chicago metropolitan area, in 2012. They employ more than 50 people and will be opening an eighth Los Mangos location, which will employ another 10 people. Dave Ruff/CNN
Not only is the Montoya family adding an eighth location in the Chicago area, their numbers are growing. The parents are expecting their fourth child in October. Dave Ruff/CNN
The most popular item on the menu is the mangonada, or a mango ice cream cup topped with fresh mango slices and a tangy Mexican red sauce. The owners of Los Mangos say that the mangonada and a warm welcome to their shop are the secrets to their business success. Dave Ruff/CNN

Eladio Montoya says he was 6 when his mom crossed him and three of his siblings illegally from Mexico in the 1980s. His family established a home in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago, the same neighborhood where he opened the Los Mangos ice cream and fruit shop. He obtained a 'green card' by age 10; but says he doesn't remember being 'illegal' because as a child he didn't know what being 'illegal' meant.
Dave Ruff/CNN
By the time Judith Montoya was born, her parents had obtained a "green card." But her two older brothers were born in the United States while her parents were undocumented. She worries that Donald Trump's proposal to change the 14th Amendment could strip her brothers of their citizenship and separate her family. Dave Ruff/CNN
Eladio and Judith Montoya tell CNN's Rosa Flores that they invite Donald Trump to visit their Los Mangos. They would like to tell him their success story. Dave Ruff/CNN