'Michael Myers' made for one creepy proposal

Story highlights

  • Katherine Canipe's fiance dressed as "Halloween" killer Michael Myers to propose to her last year
  • Canipe is a fan of horror films

(CNN)Among the many creative marriage proposal stories throughout history, this has to rank as one of the most unique.

Los Angeles resident Katherine Canipe is a big fan of horror films and took a tour last October -- dressed as Jamie Lee Curtis' character, Laurie Strode -- to see the filming locations for the slasher classic "Halloween."
While walking along a street made famous by the movie, Canipe saw a figure in the distance that looked unmistakably like Michael Myers, the killer from the movie series.
    In a moment reminiscent of the original film, Canipe approached and looked around the corner, only to find that "Michael" was actually her boyfriend, Alec Wells.
    "I was completely in shock," Canipe told CNN.
    "When I saw someone else in a costume, my first reaction wasn't 'Oh! It's my boyfriend!' My reaction was 'Oh! Some other weirdo dressed up in the streets! It's a Halloween miracle!' I figured it out pretty quickly, though, and when I did, I was so completely overwhelmed. It hit me that Alec created an incredibly magical moment for me, and all because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me."
    The creative approach to their engagement didn't end there, as the couple took a photo re-creating the movie poster for "Back to the Future Part II."
    "We both grew up loving the "Back to the Future' trilogy (and Alec loves Star Wars an uncomfortable amount)," she said.
    "I have a deep and abiding passion for horror -- and while Alec enjoys a good scare from time to time, he doesn't love it as much as I do. When we go to haunted houses, I'm leading the way and he's screaming and grabbing onto me for dear life."
    Looking back on the engagement, she said "It was one of the purest moments of my life -- I had no control of what I was saying or how I was reacting because I was so overcome with emotion."
    How can they top this at their wedding? For starters, their big day pays homage to another famous movie slasher: it takes place on Friday, November 13.