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Huggies responds to claims of glass in baby wipes

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Concerned parents claim there are glass shards in Huggies baby wipes

Huggies said the shiny particles are not glass and were a byproduct of manufacturing

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Worried parents are taking to social media to warn others about clear, sharp fragments they’ve found in Huggies baby wipes. They claim the wipes are riddled with glass shards. The company says the “shiny particles” are not glass but are sometimes created by fibers during manufacturing.

It began with Melissa Estrella, a mother in Camarillo, California, who was horrified to find these shards in several packages of Huggies baby wipes. Since posting her video to Facebook on Thursday, it’s received more than 6.5 million page views and countless comments from concerned parents as of Saturday morning.

“If you can see all of this stuff shining on the wipes, that is all glass,” she said in the video. “All we have to do is wipe and glass comes right off.”

“I’m not lying you guys, this is glass on my daughter’s wipes. I’m just so heartbroken that I didn’t notice this sooner.”

Huggies responded to the claims on its Facebook page Thursday evening, individually commenting back to as many concerned posters as possible.

“While this condition is not normal, it does happen infrequently during the manufacturing process,” the post read. “When combined, the fibers in our wipes have on occasion created shiny particles, similar to what was found by this parent.”

Huggies updated its Frequently Asked Questions page about wipes on Friday and said it was working closely with the parent who identified the issue. It also added, “No, we do not use glass in the manufacture of our wipes.”

The company has not recalled the product, saying its always interested in the safety of its consumers.

Other mothers also shared similar claims, like Aspen Patterson, a mother of two from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Patterson told CNN affiliate KRQE that her son has had a rash for the past month. She’s been using Huggies Natural Care Wipes.

However, some mothers came to the defense of Huggies, saying the particles they found in the wipes weren’t glass.

“I rubbed it all over my hands arms face and legs. Didn’t feel a thing,” wrote Danielle Montez on the Huggies page. “Went on to wipe my baby with the next wipe. Team Huggies for going on 9 years now.”