'Deez Nuts' backs Sanders, Kasich for nominations

Washington (CNN)Bernie Sanders and John Kasich might not have too much in common politically, but they've both received a "key endorsement" in their respective party races: "Deez Nuts," the independent presidential "candidate."

Nuts -- revealed this week to be 15-year-old Brady Olson, of Iowa, who filed with the Federal Elections Commission last month to run for president of the United States -- announced on Facebook Friday that he supports Sanders and Kasich for the Democratic and Republican nominations, respectively.
Not surprisingly, Nuts remains his own choice for the general election, even if he's well short of the minimum age requirement to become commander-in-chief.
    Google search interest in "Deez Nuts" has surpassed interest in the term "Hillary Clinton," Google reported Friday, and he's held his own against both Clinton and Donald Trump on the search engine as well.
    And he's been buzzing on social media all week, CNN's Deena Zaru reported.
    Meanwhile, Nuts has been "organizing" across the nation, creating Facebook pages for each state.