Bon Appetit's best new restaurants of 2015

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  • AL's Place in San Francisco was named "Restaurant of the Year" by Bon Appetit magazine
  • Other selections for the top 10 restaurants of the year include a brunch spot and a Japanese pub

(CNN)After crunching the numbers and chewing the fat, Bon Appetit magazine has come up with its list of the best new American restaurants of 2015.

Traversing the country in search of fresh and innovative cuisine, deputy editor Andrew Knowlton and senior editor Julia Kramer dined at hundreds of eateries and "consumed too many calories to count," according to the magazine.
It might be time for a culinary road trip to visit the restaurants that floated to the top in Bon Appetit's yearly rankings. They're calling the list "The Hot 10: America's Best New Restaurants 2015."
    1. AL's Place -- San Francisco ("Restaurant of the Year")
    2. Gjusta -- Venice, California
    3. Petit Trois -- Los Angeles, California
    4. Semilla -- Brooklyn, New York
    5. Parachute -- Chicago, Illinois
    6. Dai Due -- Austin, Texas
    7. Kindred -- Davidson, North Carolina
    8. Rintaro -- San Francisco, California
    9. Manolin -- Seattle, Washington
    10. Milktooth -- Indianapolis, Indiana
    The list appears in Bon Appetit's September Restaurant Issue, which aims to cover "everything new, trendsetting, and innovative in the culinary world."