CNN Student News - August 21, 2015

CNN Student News - 08/21/15


    CNN Student News - 08/21/15


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August 21, 2015

This Friday on CNN Student News, we're taking a look at El Niño: What is this phenomenon, and to what extent might it be responsible for the warmest month ever recorded? We also bring you science news from the Indian Ocean, exploring how a gyre might have caused a piece of a missing plane to appear on Reunion Island. An announcement by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and a look into a U.S. Secret Service training center round out today's commercial-free coverage.
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1. In what nation's capital did the U.S. Embassy recently reopen for the first time in 54 years?
2. Name the city in South America where there have been concerns voiced about its water cleanliness less than a year before it hosts the 2016 Summer Olympics.
3. North Korea recently re-established GMT+08:30, which is a new zone of what?
4. Since what conflict has Japan been prohibited from using its military as a means to settle international disputes?
5. On Monday, the White House announced a $2.5 million plan to address a dramatic spike in the use of what illicit drug?
6. Who was prime minister of the United Kingdom during the Battle of Britain?
7. Two women recently made history by graduating from a school that trains elite members of the U.S. Army. Name this special operations force.
8. What agency of the U.S. federal government is recommending changes to nutrition labels that would include a value for "added sugars"?
9. Name the NASA spacecraft that recently made a "flyby" of Pluto during a $700 million mission to explore the solar system.
10. Name the 39th president of the United States, whose term of service began in 1977.
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