Steph Curry dishes on trash-talking with Obama

Washington (CNN)Golden State Warriors guard Stephen "Steph" Curry, who recently played golf with President Barack Obama in Martha's Vineyard, dished to Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night about a competitive, trash-talking Obama.

"Basically it would be a 4-foot putt and when you're playing friendly games and it's not playing for money or anything, usually it's a gimme," Curry told Kimmel. "He'd be crickets, just silent, looking at you like, 'Alright, you're going to mark your putt? Alright, you're going to make that?' Put the pressure on you, that type of deal."
Curry played a round of golf with his father, Dell Curry, against Obama and NBA player Ray Allen, who is currently a free agent.
Curry said that the President "made fun" of Allen.
    "(He) said that (Allen) had a posse, that he needed a bus for all the people he brought to the course to meet the President," Curry said.
    Curry said that Obama and Allen won.
    Asked whether it was a relaxing experience, Curry said that he "couldn't relax at all" because there were "25 Secret Service agents on every hole."
    During his two-week Martha's Vineyard vacation, Obama also played golf at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oaks Bluff with retired NBA player Alonzo Mourning, former President Bill Clinton and others.