Ash Carter: Military 'looking into' members' Ashley Madison use

Hackers expose data from cheaters website
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    Hackers expose data from cheaters website


Hackers expose data from cheaters website 02:36

Washington (CNN)Defense Secretary Ash Carter says the military is "looking into" service members' use of the website Ashley Madison after more than 15,000 government-connected email accounts were included in the personal details published by hackers.

"Of course it's an issue because conduct is very important," Carter said at a Thursday afternoon news conference.
"We expect good conduct on the part of our people," he said, adding that "the services are looking into it and as well they should be -- absolutely."
Carter is the first high-ranking official in President Barack Obama's administration to weigh in on the hack of the website, which advertises itself as a place for married people to connect in order to have affairs.
    The hackers this week released personal details -- including names, email addresses and credit card information -- for more than 32 million people who were registered for the site.