Syria: Life inside a war zone

Published 6:49 AM ET, Thu August 20, 2015
Syria Children PleitgenSyria Children Pleitgen
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Ali, 5, and his brother Alla, 9, fled with their family to Damascus when their home in Idlib was destroyed by fighting. People in the capital are trying to maintain some sense of normalcy despite the ongoing war. FREDERIK PLEITGEN/CNN
One of the locals' favorite spots is Abu Abdou's fruit bar in central Damascus. It's stayed open for business -- but a couple miles down the street, the war is in full effect. FREDERIK PLEITGEN/CNN
Fighting between rebels and pro-regime forces has flattened most of Yarmouk, a district in the capital that was home to more than a million people before the war began. FREDERIK PLEITGEN/CNN
The U.N. has struggled to get supplies to the few people left in Yarmouk -- and there are fears of an outbreak of typhoid in the camp. FREDERIK PLEITGEN/CNN
The battle against ISIS isn't just on the military front. The Syrian government is also fighting to save Syria's history from being destroyed by the terror group. FREDERIK PLEITGEN/CNN
A government team evacuated every artifact from the National Museum of Damascus as the war closed in on the capital several years ago. FREDERIK PLEITGEN/CNN
In the courtyard of the museum, concrete covers have been constructed around ancient sculptures to protect them from shelling. FREDERIK PLEITGEN/CNN
This Roman statue was rescued from Palmyra ahead of ISIS' advance earlier this year. It will be catalogued, boxed up and shipped to a secret and safe location. FREDERIK PLEITGEN/CNN