Donald Trump supports the Keystone pipeline

Washington CNN  — 

Donald Trump is a ‘yes’ on Keystone.

The Republican frontrunner joined the rest of the GOP field in saying that he would support the North American pipeline.

“If I am elected President I will immediately approve the Keystone XL pipeline. No impact on environment & lots of jobs for U.S.” Trump tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Nearly all Republicans, including their presidential candidates, support the building of the oil pipeline. Republicans in the House and Senate passed a bill authorizing its construction this past March, which President Barack Obama vetoed. The Obama administration is currently still reviewing whether to approve the 1,179-mile long corridor transporting oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

Pressed late last month about her thoughts, Hillary Clinton declined to state her position, saying she didn’t want to second guess the President on an issue she worked on as Secretary of State.