'Mythbusters' team shows bullet fired in super duper slo-mo

Jamie Hyneman, left, and Adam Savage are the core "Mythbusters."

Story highlights

  • The "Mythbusters" duo used a camera that runs at 73,000 frames per second
  • The images show a small cloud of gas and fire, tiny fragments

(CNN)It's a staple of slow-motion photography: firing a bullet.

The cover of Golden Earring's album "Cut" has a still of a bullet slashing through a playing card, and the idea is a staple of YouTube videos.
Leave it to the "Mythbusters" guys to go the concept one better.
    In a newly released video, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage used the Phantom, a camera running at 73,000 frames per second, to capture images of a bullet being fired from a gun.
    The two are almost rendered speechless at the sight of a miniature mushroom cloud of gas and tiny fragments emerging from the muzzle.
    "It's just really cool," Savage says.
    "Mythbusters" airs at 8 p.m. ET Saturdays on Discovery.