Call them Flea's bees: Chili Peppers bassist has apiary

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  • Flea, the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, has close to 200,000 bees
  • "I love my bees," he posted on social media

(CNN)Flea is buggin' out.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist has a honey of a hobby: an apiary, his very own bee colony.
"Deep to the hive super organism. I love my bees," he posted on social media in late July.
    According to TMZ, Flea recently placed three beehives in his backyard. Each holds 60,000 bees.
    Flea is an outspoken environmentalist and has gotten into beekeeping because of concerns about colony collapse disorder. Bees have been disappearing for a variety of reasons, including mites and stress, and the combination of factors has been enough to contribute to annual colony die-offs of 40% or more.
    "A beehive is a fortress and a phenomenally self-regulating and ordered society and is probably moving from a state of complete function and order to complete depopulation in a couple of weeks. Sometimes even faster," entomologist Andrew Barron told New York magazine in June.
    Flea hasn't said what he plans to do with the bees. For now, he's simply rejoicing in the buzz.
    But that hasn't stopped fans from rhyming and wordplay.
    "Flea's bees are the bee's knees," commented Kim Gilmore.
    "Well, better Flea's bees than bees fleas," added Bengt-Gunnar Sörensen.