GOP 2016ers pounce on latest issue in Clinton email saga

Hillary Clinton to hand over private email server
Hillary Clinton to hand over private email server


    Hillary Clinton to hand over private email server


Hillary Clinton to hand over private email server 04:18

(CNN)Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Wednesday mocked Hillary Clinton with a prison joke about the latest developments with her private email server, saying, "Orange really is the new black."

At the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale, Iowa, Jindal asked the crowd how many of them would face prosecution if they handled classified information the same way as the former secretary of state.
"Breaking news: Hillary Clinton's emails are being investigated by the FBI. Our nation's top secrets could be on that server. Question for service members: If you had been reckless with the nation's secrets, what would have happened to you?" Jindal asked.
"Why should rules be different for Clinton? I'm tired of the political class thinking they're on higher ground," he added.
    The 2016 Republican hopeful, one of several bashing the latest development in the email saga, said that Clinton is one email away from going to prison, adding that she should start taking advice from her pal Martha Stewart, who served time behind bars. "Orange really is the new black," he joked.
    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker also weighed in on the Clinton campaign's disclosure that it had turned over her private server and a thumb drive of her emails to the Justice Department as part of its investigation.
    Walker called her use of the private email server a "potentially criminal offense."
    "This is a serious and potentially criminal offense that proves Hillary Clinton put her own personal convenience ahead of the safety and security of the American people. She cannot be trusted to keep America's secrets or its citizens safe, and therefore cannot be trusted to be commander in chief," Walker said in a statement.
    A Clinton spokesman said Tuesday night that Clinton would turn over the private email server to the DOJ. The news came shortly after an inspector general told a congressional panel investigating Clinton's emails that at least five emails from the server contained classified information.
    A Monmouth University poll released Wednesday found that a slight majority of voters believe Clinton's emails should be the subject of a criminal investigation.
    "The fact that Hillary Clinton sent 'Top Secret' information from her personal email address is beyond outrageously illegal, it's life-threatening to members of our military and every American citizen. The same action, for anyone serving in the military, would mean a court-martial and prison sentence," Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said.
    Huckabee noted the prosecution of former CIA Director David Petraeus for sharing classified information. Other Republicans have pointed to multiple investigations and prosecutions into mishandling classified information.
    Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum urged Congress to help "get to the bottom of this scandal because I have little faith the Obama Justice Department will hold the Secretary or any of her staff accountable for their actions."