Nik Wallenda makes longest wire walk ever

See Nik Wallenda's longest walk ever
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    See Nik Wallenda's longest walk ever


See Nik Wallenda's longest walk ever 00:57

Story highlights

  • Nik Wallenda crossed a 1,560-foot-long wire at the Wisconsin State Fair
  • It was the longest high-wire walk he has ever completed

(CNN)Daredevil Nik Wallenda has astounded audiences by crossing tightropes high over famous landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and the downtown Chicago skyline.

Which all prepared him for his latest feat on Tuesday ... drum roll, please ... conquering a fairground racetrack in suburban Milwaukee!
OK, so maybe it doesn't sound that impressive.
    Still, Wallenda set a record when he crossed a narrow wire, strung 10 stories off the ground, that stretched for 1,560 feet over the Milwaukee Mile racetrack at the Wisconsin State Fair. There was no net below.
    It was the longest wire walk he has ever completed. The feat took him just under 30 minutes, and he pumped his fists in the air upon reaching the far side.
    Wallenda, 36, holds nine Guiness World Records for his aerial accomplishments. He wore an earpiece and a microphone during his walk, which allowed him to answer questions from fans on Twitter.
    Asked by one what he is scared of, Wallenda responded, "Other than my wife, I can't think of much."