Fans and William Shatner pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy with selfie mosaic

Published 4:44 PM EDT, Sun August 9, 2015

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William Shatner asked fans to post selfies of themselves doing the "live long and prosper" sign from "Star Trek"

The result was a Leonard Nimoy mosaic made up of selfies

(CNN) —  

At the beginning of August, “Star Trek” actor William Shatner made a somewhat odd request of his followers.

He wanted fans to post a selfie of themselves doing the “Live long and prosper” sign with their hands, no questions asked.

Being the captain of the Enterprise and all, many fans were on board.

On Sunday morning, Shatner revealed the final product of this experiment: a mosaic of the late Leonard Nimoy as his most famous character, Mr. Spock, made up entirely of selfies.

Not only is it a great tribute to the actor who passed away in February, it also went to benefit the charity Gishwhes, a “global scavenger hunt” which funds the nonprofit Random Acts. In the process, they have broken altruistic world records for most global hugs and most pledges to commit charitable Acts of Kindness, among others.

Shatner has also sent the mosaic to the Guinness Book for consideration for a world record.