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Is Florida better off after Jeb Bush was governor?
Seabrook, New Hampshire CNN —  

Jeb Bush was hungry when he walked into a lobster restaurant on Friday.

“I’m starving to death. I haven’t eaten since pre-debate,” he said as he strolled through Brown’s Lobster Pound in Seabrook, greeting voters and posing for selfies a little more than 12 hours after taking part in the first Republican presidential primary debate.

Bush was invited by a young woman and two of her male co-workers to join them for lunch. And there he sat, digging into a lobster roll as the group chatted about the debate.

“I don’t think that complied with the ‘Paleo diet,’” he said after reaching across the table to steal a French fry.

Bush, who said earlier this week he’s lost 40 pounds since going Paleo, frequently talks about the “caveman” diet that consists mostly of protein, vegetables, fruits and certain nuts.

Asked by the woman Friday if he went on the diet because he was a runner, Bush fired off a candid answer: “I went on the ‘Paleo diet’ because I was fat,” he said. “Not because I was in good shape.”

Bush frequently gets laughs on the campaign trail when he talks about how he cheats once a week by having wine or eating Mexican food. Speaking at an event sponsored by the Koch brothers on Sunday, Bush offered some advice for anyone considering the new routing.

“Cheat on Sundays,” he said, talking about how he has “Sunday Funday” with his family.

But then he caught himself: “Not cheat, like, you know. Cheat on your diet on Sundays.”