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Is Florida better off after Jeb Bush was governor?
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Former President George W. Bush was famous for his nicknames when he was president, and on Friday, his younger brother Jeb unveiled his W alias: “Tortoise.”

“I got an email from brother George saying, ‘Well done, Tortoise,’” Jeb Bush told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Friday. “That’s my new nickname because I told him I’m the tortoise in the race: slow, steady progress. Stay focused, stay steady, do the right thing each and every day.”

George W. Bush became famous for his nicknames he used for friends, foes and politicians of all stripes. Russian President Vladimir Putin earned the alias “Pootie-Poot,” according to the BBC. He gave political adviser Karl Rove several memorable monikers, including “Boy Genius” and “Turd Blossom.”