Being Moody: For honest opinions about the GOP debate, hit the bar

Cleveland (CNN)While most attention was focused on the "Q" arena stage in Cleveland on Thursday for the first Republican presidential debate, an equally entertaining -- and educational -- event was playing out at the nearby House of Blues.

Hundreds of conservative activists gathered at the music-themed bar and restaurant to watch both debates unfold on jumbo screens -- with free libations and food provided by the American Conservative Union. The event, which began in the early afternoon as a campaign training seminar, evolved into a watch party and ended 11 hours later as a debate after-party and provided insight into the unvarnished views of hardcore GOPers in search of a presidential candidate.
During both debates, activists cheered, hollered and even booed candidates while they made their cases for why the party should nominate each for the White House race.
One would be hard-pressed to find a better focus group.
    Watch the video above to find out which candidate fared best.