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Vincente Montano fired an airsoft pistol at a Nashville police officer responding to the attack, the patrolman says

Montano had the pistol in addition to a hatchet and pepper spray when he went after moviegoers

He was shot dead as he tried to go out the back door of the theater

CNN —  

Vincente Montano bought a ticket Wednesday at the Carmike Hickory 8 movie theater complex, got a cup of water at the refreshment counter, and went to theater 4 about 20 minutes before the movie was to start.

He sat down alone. But two women soon noticed that he was “staring them down,” Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron said Thursday.

At one point he stood up, grabbed two backpacks, then started to walk over to where they were.

The two women said Montano stopped suddenly, dropped the bags and sat down.