What Obama is watching on debate night

(CNN)Sharp criticism of President Barack Obama was all over the first of two Fox News' Republican presidential debate Thursday, but the man himself isn't likely to be one of the millions of Americans watching.

His press secretary, Josh Earnest, said Thursday that Obama might catch clips of the forum afterward -- or "lowlights," as Earnest termed them -- but doesn't have much "rooting interest" in viewing it live.
That much of the debate's attacks may be levied against Obama only proves the President's ability to buck lame duck status, Earnest claimed.
"I feel confident in saying that the Republican candidates are going to spend more time talking about the President's plans than they are about their own, and that's an indication of the political capital and influence that the President still wields," he said.
    What might provide some effective counter-programming for the commander-in-chief? Jon Stewart's final "Daily Show" episode on Comedy Central.
    "That might get the President's attention," Earnest said.