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Ahead of the biggest night of the 2016 election season so far, several Republican hopefuls are trying their best to loosen up as they prepare to debate one another.

For former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has stumbled several times this week, the pressure is on: The last debate he participated in was on Oct. 22, 2002 against Bill McBride, which was moderated by the late Tim Russert. But the political environment has changed dramatically since then with the rise of social media.

So how is Bush preparing for the debate?

He attended a mass in Cleveland on Thursday with his wife, Columba. According to a Republican source in attendance, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and his wife, Jeanette, also attended the same mass.

Bush’s debate prep also includes going to the gym and some vigorous emailing.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker shared in an video that his debate prep rituals also include working out.

“Before a debate, I go out and run. It’s a great way to relax,” Walker told the outlet, adding that running also has the benefit of keeping him away from his phone and email.

Meanwhile, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who is participating in the 5 p.m. debate, also dubbed the “happy hour debate,” told CNN’s “New Day” Thursday that attending Mass is also one of his debate day plans.

And former New York Gov. George Pataki also told IJReview that before a debate, he says “a little silent prayer and drink a diet lemon Snapple iced tea.”

Will any of these rituals help the candidates? We’ll find out shortly.

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CNN’s David Chalian contributed to this report.