Bobby Jindal does push-ups on the issues

The stunt video arms race
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    The stunt video arms race


The stunt video arms race 01:40

Washington (CNN)Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is taking on the issues head on.

The Republican debate is coming up Thursday, but Jindal, who didn't crack the top 10 to land on the main stage, is grappling with the issues in a different way: through a push-up contest.
The GOP presidential contender went elbow to elbow with his top foes in a BuzzFeed video published late Tuesday: Taxes, Obamacare, hyphenated Americans and, of course, his own awkward delivery of the Republican rebuttal to President Barack Obama's first speech to Congress.
The aspiring viral video is just the latest in what is apparently becoming a right of passage for presidential candidates in the 2016 race -- particularly those looking to boost their name I.D. and get a bump in the polls.
    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has already done two -- one a series of Simpsons impressions, the other of him making "machine gun bacon."
    Former Hewlett-Packard executive Carly Fiorina was featured in a BuzzFeed video entitled, "If Men Were Treated Like Women In The Office."
    And the most successful so far, with over 2 million views, is of Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who seized on opponent Donald Trump giving out his cell phone number during a public event to make a video of him destroying cell phones in creative ways.
    Next up? Perhaps former Texas Gov. Rick Perry will take a cue from Jindal and follow through on his challenge to Donald Trump for a pull-up contest.