Meet Ryan Reynolds' raunchy, ultraviolent superhero 'Deadpool'

Story highlights

  • After a lot of photos on Twitter, we finally see Deadpool in action in the first trailer
  • Ryan Reynolds' masked character is potty-mouthed and violent to the extreme

(CNN)Valentine's Day is a time for romance, and what's more romantic than a man with cancer seeking to cure himself to be with the woman he loves?

On the surface, that's what "Deadpool" -- out February 12 -- is about, but it's really, really not about that.
After several teases by Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, we finally get the first official look at the Marvel comics anti-superhero in action.
    Deadpool, the result of an experiment that makes him a quick healer (not unlike Wolverine), is extremely violent, extremely profane and, in some ways, a bit like Jim Carrey (or Ryan Reynolds, really) in a ninja assassin costume.
    He's also one of the most popular comic book characters of the past 25 years, and 20th Century Fox hopes he'll make for a great start to 2016.
    Here's the "red-band" trailer: In other words, this trailer is not safe for kids or work.