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Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor shares story of survival
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Japan marks 70 years since atomic bomb devastated Hiroshima

Survivors share memories of the horrifying attack, decades on

Hiroshima, Japan CNN  — 

In the center of Hiroshima, yards from where the world’s first atomic attack bomb exploded 70 years ago, stands a dome-shaped bell tower of modest proportions. It is decorated with the bronze statues of three children.

Their slender arms reach out, spreading wide towards the sky. It looks like a dance of joy. But it leaves me choking back tears.

The bombing of Hiroshima is a dark and difficult chapter in U.S. history. As an American wandering past the bronze pixies dancing so close to what was ground zero, I cannot help but feel profound guilt.

The Children’s Peace Monument is dedicated to a child survivor of the A-bomb. Sadako Sasaki was two years old when the bomb dropped. She survived for almost a decade, until she died from leukemia in 1955.

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