Donald Trump shares his debate question on Facebook

Washington (CNN)Facebook is asking its users to recommend questions to ask Republican presidential candidates at the debate it is co-hosting with Fox News on Thursday, and Donald Trump was more than happy to help out.

Trump, who will stand at the center of the stage in Cleveland, Ohio, offered his own question for the other candidates in a 12-second video posted Monday.
"I'd like to ask all of the candidates -- that is, politicians and really not negotiators, people that don't negotiate jobs and lots of other things -- how are you going to make America great again?" Trump said.
    Trump has pledged not to attack the other candidates unless he himself is hit by his Republican rivals at the first GOP debate, which he very well could be.
    "I don't think I'm going to be throwing punches. I'm not looking to attack," Trump said on Sunday.
    He has also seemed to be tamping down expectations, arguing that he is not a professional debater like some of the incumbent Republican politicians challenging him.
    Fox News will decide on Tuesday the nine other hopefuls who will join Trump on stage, using recent national opinion polls to turn the 17-candidate field into a 10-candidate primetime debate. Trump leads recent surveys by double-digit margins. The seven candidates not making the cut will be invited to participate in a candidates forum at 5 p.m.