Italian fans woo Foo Fighters with 'Learn to Fly' video, millions tune in

zaffagnini foo fighters rockin 1000 intv holmes_00010206
zaffagnini foo fighters rockin 1000 intv holmes_00010206


    Creator of Foo Fighters video explains epic stunt


Creator of Foo Fighters video explains epic stunt 05:33

Story highlights

  • Italian fans get Foo Fighters attention with YouTube video
  • The Rockin' 1000 want the band to play in Cesena

(CNN)If you want to get the attention of a world-famous rock band, try this: Grab hundreds of your closest friends and make a video of one of their songs.

Hey, it worked for the Rockin' 1000 -- a group of 1,000 Italian Foo Fighters fans who banded together to entice the rockers to play a gig in Cesena.
The Rockin' 1000 announced their intentions with a tweet and a YouTube video.
    Debuting on Thursday, the video has already generated more than 16 million views.
    It sure caught the band's attention, including frontman Dave Grohl.
    "How beautiful, Cesena," the Foo Fighters tweeted back in Italian.
    And then Cesena seemed to get what it asking for. A second tweet came from the Foos, again in Italian.
    "See you soon, Cesena .... xxx David."
    Nothing's official, of course, but the band already has a couple of dates scheduled in Italy this fall, according their website.
    The closest one takes them to Casalecchio Di Reno, just over an hour's drive away from Cesena, on November 13.
    This isn't the first time the Foo Fighters have been persuaded to bring their show to a particular town.
    Last year, fans in Richmond, Virginia, convinced them to pay a visit, Rolling Stone reported. After a months-long campaign to sell tickets to a non-existent concert, the band relented.
    "well, well, well... See ya soon...let's have a good time."
    On the video, organizer Fabio Zaffagnini saluted the makeshift megaband in the sweaty aftermath of the outdoor recording session.
    "What we did in here is just a huge, huge miracle," he said. "I've been working on this ... project for a year, waking every morning thinking about how to make it real."