Pfeiffer: Meek Mill feud with Drake ‘brilliant marketing’

CNN  — 

In round two of the epic Twitter feud between musicians Drake and Meek Mill, the Canadian rapper also colloquially refered to as Drizzy released a second freestyle track dissing Meek on Wednesday early morning on Soundcloud.

And while Drake seems to have won the first two battles, former senior adviser to President Barack Obama Dan Pfeiffer suggests that Philadelphia rapper Meek might have actually won something better.

“I am ambivalent on Meek Mill as a rapper,” Pfeiffer, a CNN Political Commentator tweeted, “but baiting Drake into a week long feud just as his album dropped is brilliant marketing.”

Pfeiffer, whose expertise includes political strategy, suggests that Meek might have benefited from the high profile spat that he initiated because it brought a wave of attention to his latest album “Dreams Worth More Than Money,” which was released a week before the public feud began.

Meek Mill is trending on Twitter and Facebook in light of the feud. And Meek’s album, as well as his newly released video “All Eyes On You” Monday, featuring Minaj and Chris Brown, have gained publicity from the coverage of the battle with Drake, who is widely popular.

Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly also weighed in on the feud, slamming Meek for accusing the Canadian star of employing ghost writers.

The cover art for Drake’s latest diss track is a picture from the Toronto Blue Jays’ 1993 World Series win against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The photo features Joe Carter celebrating his walk-off home run, which secured a win for Toronto and was their second victory in a row. Drake titled his diss track “Back to Back,” referencing Toronto’s double win and Drake’s second diss track against Mill.

Meek performed in Toronto yesterday and disappointed some fans by not releasing a Drake diss.

Meek’s album is currently No. 7 on Billboard’s top 200 chart, while Drake’s latest album “If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late” is No. 13.

Both albums peaked at No. 1 upon their release — Meek’s on July 11 and Drake’s on Feb. 13.

In the tweet that sparked the feud, Meek addresses Drake not tweeting out his album, in which the Toronto MC is featured, and claims that Drake “don’t write his own raps” and that had he known this, he would never have asked Drizzy to be a guest artist on his album.

Drake is featured on Meeks’ “Dreams Worth More Than Money” in the track “R.I.C.O.,” which is now No. 16 on this week’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

In his first diss track “Charged Up,” Drake slams Mill for riding the coattails of girlfriend Nikki Minaj.

Meek called the track “baby lotion soft” and in response, he tweeted a “Drake diss” called “Beautiful Nightmare,” which is really audio that only consists only of screaming.