Lois Lane discovers Superman's secret (again)

Story highlights

  • Lois Lane discovers Superman's secret identity in the latest issue
  • The intrepid reporter will reveal his identity to the world, it appears

(CNN)Lois Lane finally knows who's behind Clark Kent's glasses.

For over 75 years, Superman's alter ego and his love interest have been on-again and off-again, but this week's new issue, "Superman" No. 42, gives the relationship a whole new wrinkle.
The striking cover shows Lois ripping off Clark's shirt to reveal the Superman suit underneath.
    It turns out that Lois has had her suspicions for a while, and after she sees Clark fighting off a few dozen zombie-like creatures, it becomes clear to her that Clark and Superman are one and the same.
    This discovery is the first time she has figured it out since DC Comics (owned by Time Warner, like CNN) rebooted all of its characters in 2011.
    In other versions of Superman in TV, comics and the movies, Lois always finds out his secret identity eventually, though the 2013 movie "Man of Steel" got rid of that plot point entirely by having Lois know from day one.
    However, a twist was presented in last month's issue of the comic, foretelling that Lois was going to reveal Superman's identity to the entire world on the front page of the Daily Planet.
    How Superman will deal with no longer having to wear those glasses, and being able to live as himself full-time, remains to be seen.