'Presidential selfie' sisters take photo with Clinton

(CNN)New Hampshire teens Addy and Emma Nozell -- known in 2016 circles as the Presidential Selfie Girls -- have struck again, this time with the Democratic front-runner.

The sisters, known on Twitter as @PrezSelfieGirls for taking selfies with 2016 presidential candidates, attended a town hall hosted by Hillary Clinton on Tuesday afternoon in Nashua, New Hampshire.
"It was just amazing," Emma, 15, said about the selfie. "We went to the event ... and (as she) shook some hands, my mom and I were freaking out, and we thought we had to get this."
The Nozell sisters said they signed up for the event with the intention of taking a picture with the presidential candidate.
    "We just signed up, but (the campaign) knew about the girls in advance," their mother Wendy Thomas told CNN. "The girls tweet from their account, they told us they've been following the girls. So the girls -- it's a really hot day outside -- waited outside for a long time and they put the girls right in the front row."
    She added that one of her sons volunteers for the Hillary Clinton campaign so the campaign knew their name.
    After the event, the sisters said they were brought to the "back area" of the venue for the photo.
    "She welcomed us as the 'selfie girls' and we took the photo," Addy said.
    They're recognized now everywhere they go, Addy added.
    "There was a school teacher at a Rand Paul event who recognized us and told us she was gonna tell her students about us on the first day of school," she said.
    The sisters said they only have a few 2016 selfies left to take -- Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Jim Webb and Bernie Sanders are last on the list.
    Once they take photos with all of the 2016 candidates, they said they'll move on to taking selfies with the vice presidential candidates for their Twitter and then "politicians in general."
    Addy, who is turning 18 and able to vote on the general election, hasn't decided who she will vote for yet.
    "I want to listen to everyone before I make a decision," she said.