#Thighreading is a thing, and #Curvy is back on Instagram

Instagram users are no longer blocked from searching for #curvy women like model Tess Holliday.

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  • Women are posting pics of their thighs on social media
  • #Curvy is back on Instagram after the site blocked it from search

(CNN)Forget about reading her palm: If you really want to know about a woman's life, do some #thighreading.

The hashtag is the latest in the body positivity movement as women post photos of their thighs in celebration of loving themselves, flaws and all.
From cellulite to stretch marks and scars, the aim is to show acceptance of bodies of all shapes and sizes. Social media is grabbing hold.


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    It reportedly all started with Twitter user @princess_labia, who tweeted "palm readings <<<< thigh readings" with a picture of her stretch marks. The actress and writer told Elite Daily that "I was sitting on my couch (I lounge around naked a lot) looking at my thighs and feeling the grooves of my stretch marks, and the thought that they looked like lifelines, like a palm reading, just came to me.
    "I tweet about my body 'imperfections' pretty frequently, so I didn't think this was going to be something my followers responded to differently than most other things," she said. "But girls started sending back pictures of their thigh readings, and then it just went on from there."
    Meanwhile, a another body-positive hashtag has made a comeback.
    The Washington Post reports that after a public outcry, Instagram has reversed its stance on blocking #curvy.
    That hashtag had been blocked from search on the photo site after the company said it was being associated with pornography.