Boys suffer second degree sunburns at day care, says mom

Story highlights

  • 5- and 7-year-old brothers treated for second and third degree sunburns after not wearing sunscreen while at day care Friday
  • The day care has since closed permanently
  • The day care had had non-compliance violations previous to this incident

(CNN)Two Oklahoma boys are in the hospital recuperating from burns after their mother said their day care took them to a splash park and let them play with no sunscreen. As of Tuesday, the day care was permanently closed, and the state health department was investigating the facility.

Shaunna Broadway dropped Connor, 7, and Trae, 5, off at 9 a.m. at Happiness is a Learning Center on Friday. When she picked them up, they were crying in pain, she said. They had spent the day at a water park and day care staff apparently told Shaunna that they did not have sunscreen and the boys refused to keep their shirts on.
Photos of the burns were shared on Facebook by the children's aunt, Amanda Harvey, who gave repeated updates on the boys' conditions.
    The boys' grandfather told CNN Tuesday that the children were still at the hospital and had the burned skin removed from their backs. Connor will remain in a wrap for 72 hours to treat his burns, which reached levels of the third degree, said doctors. Each child suffered from second degree burns, he said.
    Wayne said the boys asked their single mother to stay home from work so that they don't have to return to the day care. But they needn't worry. According to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, the owner agreed on Monday to cease care permanently.