‘Titanic’ is leaving Netflix, but Kate Winslet will go on

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"Titanic" is scheduled to leave Netflix this weekend

Kate Winslet re-created an iconic moment on a mountainside

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We know that your heart will go on and on. At least until this weekend.

Although “Titanic” makes its exit from Netflix on Saturday, the star of the film doesn’t seem to be too down about it.

Actress Kate Winslet took her iconic scene to rockier terrain on Monday’s episode of “Running Wild With Bear Grylls,” posing with arms wide while abseiling down a mountain in Wales.

Kate Winslet recreates her iconic "Titanic" scene on Monday's episode of "Running Wild With Bear Grylls."

The NBC show features the famous survivalist taking celebrities on 48-hour journeys into the wilderness.

Winslet was not entirely on board with the adventure when she rounded the edge of the mountain and looked down at the cliff she was about to descend.

“Please, God, don’t let me die. I’d rather not die today on this beautiful day,” Winslet said.

But the “Man vs. Wild” star knew how to make the actress more comfortable.

Grylls channeled her former co-star Leonardo DiCaprio while holding the end of the rope at the foot of the hill, urging Winslet to put her hands up and trust him. She caught his drift, dropped her English accent and shouted, “Jack, I feel like I’m flying! If you jump, I jump, right?”

Cue music and an Internet field day.

After the “Titanic” inspiration, Winslet ran down the rest of the way and said she even wanted to do it again.

Grylls praised her for it.

“That’s what brave is,” he said. “Feeling that fear but getting on and doing it anyway, and that’s exactly what Kate does.”

Perhaps Winslet’s light-hearted re-creation of the cherished scene will help fill the void of “Titanic” leaving the Netflix lineup.

The streaming giant announced that that’s one of the films that will be leaving next month. And although movies are regularly added, dropped and added again to Netflix, the loss of “Titanic” – even temporarily – has sparked some commentary on social media.

Don’t worry. We hear there will be plenty of Nicolas Cage on Netflix to help ice things over.