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Road rage victim tells 911: 'He just shot my husband!'

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Road rage incident captured on 911 recordings by people in both vehicles

Victim's wife tells 911: "He killed my husband! Oh my God"

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A Florida man was shot to death in front of his family in an apparent road rage incident captured on 911 recordings.

Robert Doyle was driving his truck on Thursday in Citrus County when he apparently called 911 to say another driver was “trying to run me off the road.”

Meanwhile, Candelerio Gonzalez, 44, was on the same road. His wife, Cathy Gonzalez, called 911 to report that another motorist was “driving like an idiot.”

On the recording, Gonzalez can be heard saying he’s going to follow Doyle to his house to get his address. The operator says, “No, no, no.”

Doyle seems to realize that Gonzalez intended to follow him to his home. He tells 911: “They’re following me to my house … and the guns are already out,” apparently referring to his own firearm or firearms.

When Doyle arrived back at his home, Gonzalez allegedly parked and got out of his truck. In a panicked voice, Cathy Gonzalez is heard telling the dispatcher that Doyle has a gun.

“Get somebody here now!” she said

Police said Doyle shot Gonzalez in front of the house. A witness said Gonzalez was backing away, but Doyle’s wife said otherwise.

“We were in our yard and he stopped in the middle of the road and came after my husband,” she told 911.

Cathy Gonzalez can be heard wailing, “He killed my husband! Oh my God.”

Police said Doyle pointed his gun at Gonzalez’s wife, daughter and grandson and forced them out of the truck until police arrived.

Cathy Gonzalez yells to the 911 dispatcher: “That [man] is making me get out of my truck with my daughter! You got to help me, please.”

Doyle was charged with second-degree murder and released from jail under $60,000 bond. Doyle and his family did not return a call to CNN seeking comment.