Donald Trump adviser backs Huckabee 'oven' remark

(CNN)Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's comments that President Barack Obama is marching Israelis to "the door of the oven," sparked an immediate rebuke from Jewish groups and the President himself, but Donald Trump's special counsel Michael Cohen said he doesn't think that Trump finds those words offensive.

"I don't think so," Cohen, executive president of the Trump organization, told CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day" on Monday. "I think what [Huckabee is] really trying to say is we're in a bad place," adding that he has personally lost family members in the Holocaust and does not want to see it happen again.
"He's okay with these words? Israelis to the doors of the oven," Cuomo pressed.
"What Trump is trying to say is a nuclear Iran is the destruction of this world," Cohen said. "What we need is a strong America. if you have a strong America you have a strong world. If we have a weak America, we have a weak world."
    Cohen said that Trump is not offended by Huckabee's remarks because Secretary of State John Kerry is pushing an "agenda" on Iran that is a complete "disaster."
    "I'm not offended by the words," Cohen said. "What I am is I'm concerned. I'm truly concerned for the safety of not just this country but the countries all around the world."
    In an interview with CNN's Dana Bash earlier this month, Trump fiercely criticized the Iran and " said "They are laughing at us back in Iran," adding that "Our country is going to hell."