Jeb Bush on Sharknado: 'Strangest show I've ever seen'

(CNN)Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said he needs someone to explain to him what "Sharknado" is all about.

His campaign published a video in which he says he doesn't understand Syfy's "Sharknado" series.
"I get to the hotel, like, 10:30 last night and I turn, I'm flipping around, looking at the cable stations and there's this thing called 'Sharknado,'" he said from the passenger seat of a car, filmed from the backseat. "And I think I see Ann Coulter as vice president of the United States, it's kind of weird."
The former Florida governor is referencing the third movie in the famous Sharknado series, where a tornado unleashes ravenous, crazed sharks everywhere from Washington, D.C., to Florida.
    "Sharks coming out of the sky. People are getting killed. The White House is being collapsed. The Washington Monument is going down," he said. "And lo and behold, Mark Cuban is president of the United States."
    The series is known for being an over-the-top action movie with lots of celebrity cameos.
    "This is the strangest show I've ever seen," Bush said in the video. "Please help me, give me some information on this, what's going on? I'm culturally illiterate apparently."
    He tweeted at Cuban, asking him to explain the series to him.
    Cuban responded, writing, "Some things just defy explanation."