De Blasio: Trump doesn't represent New York values

De Blasio: Trump 'does not represent New York City'
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    De Blasio: Trump 'does not represent New York City'


De Blasio: Trump 'does not represent New York City' 01:09

Washington (CNN)New York mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday that Donald Trump doesn't "represent the values of New York City."

"I've said I don't think he represents the values of New York City," de Blasio told CNN's Carol Costello. "He's from here but he doesn't represent our values. Because this is the ultimate city of immigrants and a place that includes every kind of people in our society."
The populist mayor also reiterated that the city is looking for ways to exit its contracts with the Republican presidential candidate who has rollicked the Republican field this summer with his controversial comments about immigrants and John McCain.
"I think Sen. McCain is a war hero. Period," de Blasio said. "There's nothing else to discuss and he should be respected as such. I think Donald Trump has invalidated himself as a public figure."
    The city may not be able to abandon its current agreements with the New York real estate magnate, but de Blasio affirmed that he won't be eying opportunities with him in the future.