How to get attention in the Trump era

The stunt video arms race
The stunt video arms race


    The stunt video arms race


The stunt video arms race 01:40

Presidential stunt videos are becoming more and more common.

They used to be rare. You remember Democrat Mike Gravel and his rock.

Well, then Donald Trump came on the scene and everything changed.

    Suddenly Trump was sucking up all the attention.

    Around that time, Ted Cruz made a Simpsons video with Buzzfeed.

    This week, Rand Paul took a chainsaw to the U.S. tax code, stuffed it into a woodchipper and set it on fire!

    But later that day, Trump outdid him by giving out Lindsey Graham's cell phone on national TV.

    So that meant Graham needed to set his phone on fire and chop it with a Samurai sword.

    Now Jeb Bush is sharing his thoughts on Sharknado 3.

    The general election is still 16 months away.