Security recommendations on 7,000 military sites coming

Marines 'willingly ran back into the fight'
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    Marines 'willingly ran back into the fight'


Marines 'willingly ran back into the fight' 02:14

(CNN)Defense Secretary Ash Carter will be offered a variety of ways to improve security at over 7,000 military sites across the United States that are located outside of military bases when the armed services report back to him Friday, according to a Pentagon official.

The recommendations from top officials, which come in the wake of the Chattanooga shootings that left five service men dead, discuss what types of additional security measures might needed to be put in place.
Carter ordered the review which covers 'off-post" installations such as recruiting centers, drill centers for reservists, centers that process enlistees coming into military service and ROTC units. National Guard units are generally run and controlled by the states.
The review covers three areas the official says.
    • Additional arming of personnel. Generally only military law enforcement, security and counter intelligence troops carry arms, based on existing threat levels. An additional option could potentially be hiring contract security personnel.
    • Increasing protective measures for physical security such as installing bullet proof windows, increased surveillance cameras, door buzzers, upgraded locks and magnetometers.
    • Improving systems for issuing notifications and alert messages in a crisis.
    The official emphasized no decisions have been made and the review may lead to some ideas being rejected. Local commanders retain authorities to increase security measures as well when they see fit.