Iowa talker Deace blasts Walker for lateness

Walker unsure if being gay is a choice
Walker unsure if being gay is a choice


    Walker unsure if being gay is a choice


Walker unsure if being gay is a choice 01:13

Washington (CNN)Influential Iowa talker Steve Deace blasted Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for showing up late to his show and later apologized to his audience for venting his frustrations on-air.

"I mean, we're interviewing people for a job. That's what we do. Are you late for your interview? I'm not late for mine. Not if I want the job," Deace said on his show last Thursday.
"Yeah, I'm upset. I'm not doing much here, just a national radio show, you told us you want to come on, we set aside the time for you to do so, you were adamant that it had to be at this because you had to be off at this time," Deace said. "Well, OK, there's only a few thousand voters and potential activists you'd want to talk to."
The Walker campaign denied Deace's account and said the newly minted candidate showed up right on time.
    "I can tell you for a fact he did not show up late," said Diana Banister, a Walker spokeswoman. Banister said Walker was scheduled to call in at precisely 5:20 p.m. ET and made it on air, on time.
    Walker did call in last Thursday. The Deace show published a transcript of their talk, which included ruminations on Common Core education standards and his campaign manager's views on abortion.
    After their interview, Deace apologized to the audience for venting his frustrations.
    "I owe the audience an apology, I don't think I owe him an apology, I do owe the audience an apology. I don't typically let my frustrations show," Deace said.
    Deace, a veteran Iowa talker, complained about having to jump through too many hoops to get Walker on air.
    An email to Deace was not immediately returned Wednesday evening.
    To make his point before Walker called, Deace explained what happened when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz showed up late.
    "You know how I feel about late guests, Ted Cruz was late to this show once, I doubt he'll ever be late again, because I made him sit there for 10 damn minutes while I talked. It went through the entire commercial break," Deace said Thursday on his show.
    Walker formally launched his White House bid last week, stopping through five states before returning to Wisconsin to sign a 20-week abortion ban and call for the dissembling of the government oversight board which has hampered him back home. He returned to the trail this week with a stop in Tennessee on Wednesday and is scheduled to speak at the American Legislative Exchange Council conference Thursday.