03:22 - Source: CNN
How Scott Walker learned to shoot
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Over the past few election cycles, I’ve interviewed presidential candidates in all kinds of settings, all over the country.

But no matter the candidate, and no matter the questions, they all had one thing in common: walls. A hotel room, a convention center, a studio, a stage. We sit down, we get mic-ed up, the lights go on, the cameras roll, and in 15 minutes it’s all over. I’m in full hair and makeup and four-inch heels, because…well, cable news.

That’s what makes my new series, “Outside with Insiders” so cool.

For this episode, I went to Waukesha, Wisconsin, just a half hour outside of Milwaukee – importantly, not to “interview” the state’s governor and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker, but to shoot sporting clays with him. I wore my favorite pair of boots, which have been hunting and fishing with me on four continents. There just happened to be cameras there, and we just happened to talk a little politics.

Spoiler: he’s a pretty good shot, and there’s one veep suggestion he hears all the time.

We spent nearly two hours on the clays course, and in that time I learned a lot. Because when you’re trying to blast a true pair flying straight up in the air, you tend to let your guard down. And that’s the whole point of “Outside with Insiders” – to get to know political influencers in a way you never have before. It’s also to celebrate our love of hunting, fishing and shooting.

I hope one takeaway you get from each episode is that no matter where you live, you aren’t far from some great sportsmen’s activities that are easy to learn and fun to do.