Jon Snow’s alive? Rumors abound after Kit Harington photographed in Belfast

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Jon Snow was killed off in season five of "Game of Thrones"

Or was he?

CNN  — 

Could it be? Could Jon Snow really be returning from the dead?

That’s the scuttlebutt after a photograph surfaced of actor Kit Harington, sporting a scraggly beard and raven locks tied into a man bun, in Belfast.

Harington, as you know, plays … um, played … Jon Snow in the “Game of Thrones” before he was stabbed – over and over and over again BY HIS OWN BROTHERS OF THE NIGHT’S WATCH!!! – in the season five finale of the HBO megahit.

The last glimpse we caught was of the bloodied Lord Commander, lying on pristine snow, dead.

Or was he?

That’s what rabid devotees are asking after fansite “Watchers on the Wall” tweeted the photo Tuesday. They’re hoping the show, where no one is safe from a ceremonious offing, has found a way to bring Snow back.

Why else, they ask, is Harrington in Belfast, just as the next season of the show begins filming?

And why was he photographed earlier this month at Wimbledon, decked out in a suit and still sporting the beard-and-long-hair look befitting a noble Watchman?

The wishful thinkers’ take: Jon Snow isn’t dead. Or he’ll be resurrected. Or he’ll be reborn from fire (Don’t ask. Or rather, find a GoT fan friend and ask him/her).

The Debbie Downers’ take: He is dead. He’s probably visiting friends on set. Or maybe shooting a flashback scene.

The truth is, to paraphrase those famous words Yigritte uttered, we know nothing (about) Jon Snow.