Meet the people fighting to end sex trafficking

Updated 4:27 PM ET, Tue July 21, 2015
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Jada Pinkett Smith is on a mission to educate the public about human trafficking in the United States. In partnership with CNN, Pinkett Smith is getting to the root cause of this heinous crime. She's exposing a growing billion-dollar industry, through the eyes of victims and those on the frontlines of the fight against modern-day slavery. CNN
Sgt. Torrey Kennedy is a supervisor at Dekalb County Police Department's Special Victims Units and Internet Crimes Against Children. Sgt. Kennedy and his team are determined to clean-up Atlanta by rescuing child victims and locking up their exploiters. CNN
Lisa Williams is Founder and executive director of two signature programs, Living Water for Girls and the Learning Resource Center. She is on a mission to have perpetrators held accountable for their crimes against sex trafficking victims, while providing a safe space for survivors to heal from traumatic life events and acquire life skills that will allow them to have a healthy, self-sufficient future.
At 14, "Sacharay" suffered severe bullying in school because of her skin color. An older teen befriended her and led "Sacharay" to a man who claimed he loved her. Then he sold her body. CNN
Kasey McClure uses her past experience working in the strip clubs, as motivation for her volunteer organization, 4Sarah. She visits Atlanta-area clubs, providing gift bags and a sympathetic ear to those who may be thinking of leaving the profession. CNN
Dalia Racine, the assistant district attorney for DeKalb County, east of Atlanta, was the lead prosecutor in the case against Darryl Curry, also known as "Pimp DC," a convicted human trafficker who posted videos on the Internet, instructing others on how to recruit and groom young victims. CNN
Brock D. Nicholson is the former special-agent-in-charge for Homeland Security Investigations of the Southeast Region. Nicholson is currently DHS/ICE Attaché for Australia, coordinating all U.S./Australia investigations for HSI. CNN
Mary Frances Bowley is the founder of Wellspring Living, an organization fighting child sexual abuse and exploitation. She has been a leader in bringing the fight against child sex trafficking to Atlanta and runs one of the country's largest safe-homes dedicated entirely to human trafficking survivors. CNN
Rachel McCool grew up in a small Georgia town. She says she was exposed to pornography as a child and later was prostituted out of a strip club. After going through a rehabilitation program at Wellspring Living, Rachel has a renewed faith in God and an optimism about the future. CNN