A Painted Journey in Singapore

A painted journey in Singapore
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    A painted journey in Singapore


A painted journey in Singapore 03:29

(CNN)On a stormy day in Singapore, I was trying to talk myself out of navigating the unfamiliar trains and terrain in order to find the studio of artist Gregory Burns.

I had every reason not to go. The lightning was atrocious and dangerous. My camera gear could get ruined by the torrential downpours. But I mustered the will to give it a shot.
And I'm so glad I did.
I figured out the train system and proceeded to walk several blocks from my stop to the studio.
    When I came across what looked to be an abandoned industrial building, complete with uncut grass and a dilapidated fence, I figured I was in the wrong place.
    Repeated phone calls to Burns went unanswered. The GPS on my phone said I was in the right place. My gut told me to turn around and go back to my hotel. I figured I had come this far on the adventure, so I proceeded.
    I could hear music echoing through the empty building, yet no one was in sight. Do I dare take the elevator that looked like it might leave me trapped in the sweltering heat and humidity to perish alone?
    I dared.
    Down a long corridor the music grew louder. A bright red door, half ajar, invited me in. I grabbed my camera from the rain-soaked bag, turned it on and entered the gallery.
    Now it was clear why my repeated phone calls to Burns went unanswered. The music was loud and echoed off the walls of the massive room. As I rounded the corner, there he was... dancing, painting magically to the beat of the tempo.
    He didn't even notice I was there.
    It was raw and emotional watching Burns be so immersed in his art that the rest of the world around him simply disappeared. I must have made a noise or in some way attracted his attention. When he suddenly turned around, a huge, bright smile greeted me.
    And from that point on, the Painted Journey unfolded.
    Gregory Burns is an internationally acclaimed athlete and artist. He travels the world painting scenes from air, land and sea. His works of art aim to promote cultural awareness and diversity with people around the globe. Burns is working on a large mural at the Cumberland Hotel in London.
    There will be a public exhibit on July 22. The mural will hang in the hotel until the end of August.